Templar, Call to Arms

Part 1 of The Templar Legacy

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'A fantastic adventure ride that will shock and suprise you.'

A different time. A different world. The great orders of the church continued after the crusades, to this very day. The Knights Templars have become the most powerful and respected of the modern world. But some want to destroy the Order and take their wealth...

The American President is this villain. Travelling to meet the President to protect his order the Grand Master hopes to prevent their destruction, but the greedy powers of America will stop at nothing to steal the Templars wealth and their most prized possession: the Holy Grail.

Charging a young knight, Sir William, with the protection of the grail and his fellow brothers, it becomes his job to ensure the survival of the Templars. Even if the order dies, he must safeguard their lives.

A heart-stopping race to foil the President and his plans ensues. Can the honourable Templars survive? Can William succeed? Based on actual events that led to the destruction of the Templars, this is a story with much resonance for our world today.

This is the first in Chris's Templar Legacy. A contemporary telling of the destruction of the Knights Templar, Call to Arms is a fast paced story full of corruption, hatred, religion and suspense. You've never read anything like this before. You won't be dissapointed.

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New Beginnings Released - June 2013

Chris released the second part of his Templar Legacy on the Amazon Kindle. When the book was made free on Kindle Secect it reached #2 in the Kindle store.

Templar, Call to Arms Updated - May 2013

The first book in the Templar Legacy is updated and released on the Amazon Kindle. When it's made free with Kindle Select it reaches #4 in the kindle store.